Who we are

 We are the team of Global Health Program of Africa Japan Forum (AJF), a non-profit, independent organization based in Tokyo, Japan. 


For more than a decade, we have committed to advocacy for global health issues, starting from HIV/AIDS issues, to ensure "health for all", quality and quantity contributions of the Japanese government, fully funded Global Fund through the collaboration of grassroots and international organizations around the world. 


In face of G20 Osaka Summit 2019, Masaki Inaba, Director of Global Health Program, Africa Japan Forum, takes a role of C20 local coordinator of global health working group. We work together with Japanese and international advocates to ensure that grassroots voices are heard and concrete steps are taken to achieve "no one left behind" by the decision-makers of G20.  

About Civil20 (C20)

 In 2019, the Japanese government hosts G20 Summit in Osaka. Along with G20, one of the engagement groups, Civil 20 (C20), was organized by JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation) and Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs after a successful handover from Argentina civil society. Please refer to C20 website for further information. (https://civil-20.org/



 Along with the G20 process, Africa Japan Forum holds a series of meetings, facilitate dialogue among different stakeholders and organize actions to advocate "no one left behind" as one of the top priorities of the conversation in G20.